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Since the advent of the Jeep brand in the 1940s during World War Two, the Jeep name has remained synonymous with off-road ability and unrelenting, robust craftsmanship. Subsequent generations of Jeep vehicles cemented Jeep's reputation as industry-defining and innovative, with the original Jeep Cherokee being the first vehicle to use the term "Sport Utility Vehicle" to describe a model - thus spawning the subsequent SUV segment. Through the utilization of heavy-duty body-on-frame construction for the iconic Jeep Wrangler, and a lightweight unibody construction for the Jeep Cherokee (evolving from the unique UniFrame method employed on the legendary Cherokee XJ), Jeep brand vehicles continually provide drivers throughout Columbia, Blythewood and Lexington with unyielding off-road prowess.

Why Buy A Jeep For Off-Roading?

Maybe an ATV ride through Carolina Adventure World has you craving real off-road driving, or maybe you've been itching to make the trip from Columbia or Winnsboro to check out Gulches ORV Park. While other brands may claim significant off-road capabilities from their vehicles, their lack of essential off-road mechanisms and components ultimately result in their inferior performance when up against a Jeep vehicle.

What makes a Jeep vehicle like the Jeep Wrangler so dominant off-road? Firstly, Jeep's true four-wheel drive system and solid axle construction allows for even distribution of engine power between the front and rear sets of wheels. When further amended with locking differentials (standard on the Rubicon trim level), all four wheels of the vehicle turn at the same rate - regardless of whether or not one is in the air. Vehicles with open differentials lacking a locker, or vehicles without solid axles do not have this capability, which results in getting stuck.

While the Jeep Cherokee does not feature the same construction as the Wrangler, Jeep engineers have devised an off-road system that solves the dilemma of open differential wheel spin. The Jeep Active Drive 4x4 system utilizes the vehicle's brakes to apply resistance to wheels without traction, routing engine power to the wheel with traction. Through innovative and advanced engineering, Jeep vehicles exhibit unique off-road capabilities, and a robust craftsmanship to withstand the tough driving conditions experienced on the trail.

Jeep additionally employs a variety of off-road specific mechanisms to enhance articulation, performance and ground clearance, such as:

  • Sway bar disconnects
  • Skid plates and rock sliders
  • A stand-alone steering pump (on the Wrangler JL) for full boost even at low speeds
  • Axle disconnects for enhanced efficiency when not utilizing 4x4 drive modes
  • Heavy-duty Dana® axles
  • Accessory switches for ease of modification (off-road lighting, winch, etc.)
Designed to dominate off-road, enhance handling in inclement weather on-road, and imbued with modern amenities and technological advancements, the latest variants of the Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Cherokee stand as ideal off-road vehicles for any intrepid driver.


Off-Road Prowess and On-Road Dominance: Jeep Brand Vehicles

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