The newly-designed 2019 Ram 1500 has plenty of exciting new features, but one of the biggest eye-catchers of this powerful truck is the massive available Uconnect 12.0 infotainment system. If you love on-board technology and you want easy access to all your favorite features, this 12-inch touchscreen display (the largest in the Ram 1500's class) offers intuitive controls, crisp graphics, and a host of other features that make your infotainment system as easy to command as your smartphone.

Perks of the Uconnect 12.0 System

If you've ever found yourself growing frustrated (or worse, distracted) while attempting to navigate your vehicle's infotainment system, the available Uconnect 12.0 touchscreen is here to make things easier on you and keep your focus where it belongs: on the task of driving.

Huge Touchscreen: The 12-inch touchscreen puts more information at your fingertips and minimizes the need to sift through menus, making it easier to access key features like media, climate, apps, phone, and more.

Split-Screen Capability: This feature allows you to access multiple menus at once, dividing screen space in half to give you the ability to control multiple features without having to spend extra time on trudging through menus.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto: Using your favorite iPhone or Android features is simple and seamless with these sought-after infotainment features.

Easy Controls: Between voice commands and pinch-to-zoom technology, taking advantage of navigation, music, and more is simple. If you have a smartphone, the controls will feel familiar as you use your fingertips to navigate easy menus and access your favorite apps and features. Just pinch the screen as if to pluck something from it to zoom in and out!

Excited to learn more about the incredible 2019 Ram 1500? Be sure to keep an eye on our blog for future posts about this fantastic truck's capabilities and features and stop by our dealership near Columbia, SC to learn more.

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