Jeep: The Off-Road Icon


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Since the advent of the Jeep brand in the 1940s during World War Two, the Jeep name has remained synonymous with off-road ability and unrelenting, robust craftsmanship. Subsequent generations of Jeep vehicles cemented Jeep's reputation as industry-defining and innovative, with the original Jeep Cherokee being the first vehicle to use the term "Sport Utility Vehicle" to describe a model - thus spawning the subsequent SUV segment. 

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Getting The Job Done With Ram Trucks

Aligned with the values of hardworking citizens across the nation, Ram commercial trucks confidently provide the robust capabilities required to perform heavy-duty tasks in remote off-road work locations, or rugged construction sites. 

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Connecting Your Phone and the New Ram 1500


In today's society, our phones have become interconnected with daily life; as a truck driver, so is your vehicle. Wouldn't it be appropriate to make your life easier by pairing your phone and truck? This is now possible thanks to Uconnect®4C infotainment system technology. This advanced system is now capable of integrating your iPhone or Android in the new 2019 Ram 1500. Using Uconnect®4C 12.0 you'll now feel a greater connection as you're driving.



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Get to Know the Impressively-Massive Uconnect 12.0 Infotainment System

The newly-designed 2019 Ram 1500 has plenty of exciting new features, but one of the biggest eye-catchers of this powerful truck is the massive available Uconnect 12.0 infotainment system. If you love on-board technology and you want easy access to all your favorite features, this 12-inch touchscreen display (the largest in the Ram 1500's class) offers intuitive controls, crisp graphics, and a host of other features that make your infotainment system as easy to command as your smartphone.

Perks of the Uconnect 12.0 System

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The 2016 Ram 1500 Rebel is as Irresistible as it is Bold

Here at Wilson Chrysler Jeep Dodge, we've found that among the entire Ram lineup, the 2016 Ram 1500 has become the most irresistible. Rugged, bold and equipped to tow to your heart's desire, this year's Rebel is one that you can rely on to do all of your heavy lifting. Of course, when outfitted with features such as leather upholstery and a premium infotainment system, it's hard to resist what this pickup has to offer. Just check it out below:

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How to Keep Your Jeep Wrangler Fresh and Clean this Summer

Jeeps are meant to get dirty. Of course, some day, you're going to want to clean that dirty Jeep of yours. Fortunately, when that time comes, our team will be more than happy to give you the inside scoop on how to return your Jeep to its so fresh and so clean status. For a quick how to, of course, we encourage you to check out the video from Everyman Driver below:

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Take Your Summer to New Heights with a Vehicle from the New Jeep Lineup

Here at Wilson Chrysler Jeep Dodge, our team wants you to be able to enjoy the upcoming summer months. That's why, when it comes to shopping for a new car, truck or SUV in Winnsboro, our team suggests checking out what the new Jeep lineup has to offer. To learn more, take a moment to watch the video below:

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Discover a New Ram Pickup in Columbia at Wilson Chrysler Jeep Dodge

When it comes to shopping for new pickups in Columbia, there's no better lineup to choose from than the current Ram lineup. Offering a team of brawny pickups to choose from, this year's lineup offers a new truck for every taste and automotive need. Whether you're looking to haul, tow or just enjoy the versatility of owning a pickup, a brand new Ram makes for the perfect choice.

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